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Warrior Kyler

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Kyler is 5 years old and has been undergoing treatment for B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia since June 2nd, 2020. This past Tuesday, September 7th he finally got the approval from his care team to begin Kindergarten, he had to start a week late because of low ANC counts. He has been doing really great with his first school experience and this is a wonderful step into normalcy after over a years worth of doctors and treatments. We were able to celebrate another thing this past Thursday evening; September 10th. We celebrated Kyler as he was signed on as the newest and youngest member of the Baldwin Wallace College Men's Lacrosse Team. This was able to happen because of the wonderful foundation Friends of Jaclyn. We had such a wonderful time and we could not have wished for a better team to be a part of. The evening started off with Coach Tony explaining the program and Survivor Jaclyn's Story followed by my husband and I sharing Kyler's story. After that Kyler was able to sign a certificate making him an official member of the team. Then his new teammates held a mock press conference with him which included many important questions like; What's your favorite color? (Green) and Which is better Pizza or Salad (Salad, surprise surprise haha). After the questions he was able to play catch with the team and they also taught him some of the basics of lacrosse, he was even awarded some gear and apparel. We then went outside to the fields to cheer on the Men's Soccer team where Kyler was announced in the starting lineup as the Honorary Team Captain of the evening. He really loved watching the game and cheering on the guys. At halftime he was even allowed on the field to kick the ball and score some goals. We all had such a blast and can't wait to attend more practices and games and just grow as a part of the team!


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