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Warrior Isla

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

On May 20, 2022 I brought Isla (3 years) in for ongoing allergies, nothing was helping and she was getting worse. She was complaining of headaches and was only staying awake about an hour or two out of the day. Her pediatrician was concerned she may have had a sinus abscess due to a slight change/abnormality in the roof of her mouth. We headed right to the ER for a CT scan, we’re told that it was most likely an infection and they would increase her antibiotics and we would be able to go home. Shortly after another doctor came in and told me that they would be admitting her because the CT was concerning. When asked what was concerning about it the doctor responded with, “are you sure you want to know” and “it could be a severe infection or it could be malignant”. It was, in fact, malignant. Stage 4/Group 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma in her left sinus cavity. After initial testing, we learned that it did move to her lymph nodes and there is a spot on her lung. She has just completed radiation treatment number 16 of 33, so we are about halfway there! She will need a year of chemo and has completed her first 21-day cycle and started cycle number 2. She is kicking cancer’s butt and doing it with the strength and grace one can only dream about. Last week Isla started singing and dancing again. She has always loved music, singing and dancing were a must in our house, and not an hour went by where I didn’t hear her sing. It’s been awhile since she wanted anything to do with music, so to see her sing and dance has been a complete dream come true. Isla is a true warrior Princess, in ever sense.


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