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Warrior Cy

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

At not yet four years of age, happy and easygoing Cy loved fun family times: playing in the park, walks with the family and visits to Sauder Village located in Archbold Ohio. Jennifer and Shannon were like any other parents enjoying life with their children when they got the devastating news… Your child has cancer bad! Within hours Cy’s life as a care-free toddler took a dramatic turn. Cy never had any symptoms except for an occasional complaint of his belly hurting which was thought to be him just in a hurry to play like a typical 3 year old would do. Cy began to become pale and lethargic so with the motherly instinct we knew something was wrong! The doctor did a blood test and, within hours, Cy was admitted into the pediatric cancer hospital with a later diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia! Cy underwent a lumber puncture for doctors to confirm the diagnosis as acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. When the formal diagnosis came in the news hit hard. Within days Cy had a port inserted in his chest for chemotherapy to be administered, multiple blood transfusions, and chemotherapy. Cy’s in his second round of chemo as his first round failed. With Cy’s intense round of chemotherapy they are hoping to put him in remission with the second round he is receiving currently. Cy receives treatment 4-5 times a week and is being such a trooper!!


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