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Lindsay Gizicki

Lindsay Gizicki graduated from Central Michigan University and pursued her passion for journalism. Lindsay is an avid book lover and the Michigan-representative for The Book Fairies Worldwide, hiding books for potential readers everywhere she goes. In her spare time she fishes with her husband, Cyle, and speaks nonsense with her 4-year-old daughter, Harper, and her 2-year-old son, Henry.
Lindsay started her children’s book imprint, Hank a Roo Readings, as a way to bring her ideas and the ideas inspired by her own children to life.

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Every child deserves books. We make the perfect book for every reader. We strive to foster an environment that encourages innovation, inspires us to find and develop talent, and allows us to have fun. We empower our authors and artists to express their visions and connect with readers. We partner with our booksellers, librarians and educators to deliver the right book to the right reader. Our readers deserve respect. They are the influencers of tomorrow—and today. We offer them stories that will affect them for life.

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