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Bennett Dixon

Bennett Dixon is the author of Babble Bot, a member of SCBWI and 12x12, a past winner of the Writing With The Stars picture book contest, and the proud father of two young boys—who make him often wish he had a translating robot. You can find out more about Bennett on his author website (bennettdixon.com) or on Twitter (@bennettdixon)

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Every child deserves books. We make the perfect book for every reader. We strive to foster an environment that encourages innovation, inspires us to find and develop talent, and allows us to have fun. We empower our authors and artists to express their visions and connect with readers. We partner with our booksellers, librarians and educators to deliver the right book to the right reader. Our readers deserve respect. They are the influencers of tomorrow—and today. We offer them stories that will affect them for life.

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