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Claire McPherson

Claire McPherson is a first-time author and illustrator. Her debut children’s book ‘Eddie the Ogre’ is a tale of the magical mishaps of a little Ogre, who dreams of being a magician. The book started life as a little drawing project back in early 2015. The sketches were put away and forgotten about for years, until Claire’s son Eddie found them whilst rooting around in a drawer he shouldn’t have been in! The expression of wonder on his face as he turned each page was the inspiration Claire needed to finally finish the book and illustrate the last few scenes to make it complete.

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Every child deserves books. We make the perfect book for every reader. We strive to foster an environment that encourages innovation, inspires us to find and develop talent, and allows us to have fun. We empower our authors and artists to express their visions and connect with readers. We partner with our booksellers, librarians and educators to deliver the right book to the right reader. Our readers deserve respect. They are the influencers of tomorrow—and today. We offer them stories that will affect them for life.

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