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Warrior Cody

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Cody is childhood cancer survivor, he beat stage 4 cancer just before his 1st birthday! Cody was 2 1/2 months old when we found out he had stage 4 cancer, on June 25, 2017. I will never forget any dates, how I felt, and how much I cried! It was just a normal day, I put him in his swing after feeding him, and put Disney Jr. on and I was in the kitchen cleaning up. Then 20 mins later, he screamed, I rushed to him, and the toy part fell on him, so I treated the bursed area like you would a black eye, so that it doesn't look bad. Then I noticed a bump, and so did my Mom! So I did a warm cloth while he sleeps to see if it would work! Nope just gotten bigger, so I took him the ER in Daytona Beach FL, Halifax Hospital, and they ran some scan's! Then they told me to see Dr. Patel, the Eye Doctor near by and see what she says! So I did, and she said it looks like a bad blood clot and that surgery was needed for all of it to go away! So June 14th was his surgery, and it was long at all. She came out like 45 minutes later and told us he was fine, but...... She said that she seen something not right, and took some tissue samples to have them tested and to be in her office tomorrow for the results! So the next morning came, and we are sitting in her office, and right away I knew something wasn't right, she told us it was cancer, tumor below the eye, behind the bone! So she recommendedgor us to go to Miami FL at Baskin Palmer Eye Institute and see what they think! But that was a waste of gas, and 5 hours for nothing! They told us after being there at 8am till 4pm that they can't go on any further cause they don't accept the insurance! So we called her and told her everything, so thank God she had a back up, she said to go to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando FL and talk with someone there on the 2nd floor for children with cancer, and we did, and boy did they work around the clock for him and to give us answers! Even his cancer doctor paid out of his own pocket the tissue samples that Miami still had, so that Cody's doctor could get a better idea of what we are dealing with! On June 25, 2017, we were told the worst news of all, that Cody had stage 4 cancer, and it's part of the Erwing Sacoma area, and that it was curable, and they wanted to start right away. July 4, 2017 his had surgery to get the broviac line put in so that we can start chemo the next day. He had 10 set's of chemo, and 8 medication. For 3 months we basically lived at the hospital to get his chemo started. Then the tumor started to fade away, then it totally stopped growing! His eye looked like normal, like it wasn't even there, all the doctors and nurses couldn't believe it! So we kept on doing chemo, then Christmas time came, and then he ended up breaking his broviac line for the 4th time, and something went wrong while they were fixing it. Then the next day, he wasn't feeling good, and he just got worse threw out the day, and then he stopped eating completely, then they need up putting him on a feeding tube, and was once again working around the clock to find out what kind of bacterial infection he had, and they finally, got the right one and they immediately started the antibiotics. Then about a week in on the antibiotics, he was feeling better and started eating again! Then they put a port in on December 16, 2017 and he was able to be home with his older sister and brother and the rest of his family for Christmas. Then on February 21,2018 he did his last chemo, then on March 14,2018 we were told that he was cancer free! Then in June of this year, we were told that it was completely gone, like it was never there at all! So every 4 months we make a visit, say Hi to everyone!


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