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Warrior Gianna

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

This is Gianna aka Gg. She was only 2 years olds when she started getting sick. She started with vomiting, then was lethargic and finally had facial paralysis. It took around 3 months to finally getting diagnosed with ATRT. She had gone to her doctor and the er several times and they were always misdiagnosing her. Her facial paralysis is what prompted the nurse to schedule a MRI. Two days after, she had an emergency head surgery. She underwent 9 months of treatment including chemotherapy, high dose chemotherapy with BMT and radiation. It was very hard to see her sick. She celebrated 2 years in remission last October. She has had some side effects because of treatment, but overall she is thriving. We are so happy and things are slowly getting better. She is now 5 and a happy student. She is very caring and affectionate towards others



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